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Best limousine tours to Temecula VineyardsSo you have a special occasion just around the corner and you want to do something a little different then dinner and roses. You actually want to take the time to plan something unique. Whether you live in Southern California or you travel there, the opportunity to experience something special is there waiting. What about an afternoon of being chauffeured around to various wineries by a first class Limousine service?

Best limousine tours to Temecula Vineyards

Traveling to Temecula with friends or family in a private limousine gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time and pamper yourself. Professional drivers provide you with a comfortable journey with no interruptions, as they know exactly where to go. You need only to relax and enjoy the trip whether directly to the city or through the vineyards.


A half century ago, even those living in California could not tell you where Temecula was located. That is not the case today, as it has become one of Southern California’s premier wine capitals with over 35 wineries dotting the rolling hills of the valley. Located just 60 miles north of San Diego and 90 miles Southeast of Los Angeles, these 35,000 acres of vineyards produce award-winning wines due to well-drained granite soils and unique climate. There are over 56 varieties of grapes grown here. A tour of the lovely vineyards and majestic mountains that surround the valley is a wonderful experience while learning the culture and history of the area at the same time.

If you are a wine lover, you must take this tour. The wineries offer the visitors the taste of fabulous wines in modern wine-tasting rooms at reasonable prices. Some wineries offer live music, entertainment, barbeques and hot air balloon rides.


Although shuttle services are usually available at each vineyard, why not make the tour memorable by having your own classy limousine take you up to the front door with all of your friends. Even though it may be a special occasion, it does not have to be. Time away from work or the kids will work just as well.


The area has become so popular they have various wine-tasting festivals throughout the year including an annual wine and hot air balloon festival, another reason for that limousine tour to Temecula Vineyards. Although wine tasting is the main attraction to the valley, it also offers golf, sports and casinos. The quaint town itself, established in 1882 has maintained it historical identity and heritage. Many specialty shops, food stores, exclusive boutiques, and art galleries line the small alleys of the town.


Whether it is a special occasion or a non-occasion, a limousine trip to this Southern California Mecca is an experience worth taking. And if it is a special occasion, you can still get her dinner and those roses. Make a Reservation today!